Group Registration

For group registration of 10 participants or more, please contact:

​If your group includes Italian delegates, you must submit planning applications or any other communication to AIFA (Italian Ministry of Health) no later than November 25, 2015.

Registration at the Ministry of Health must be completed no later than 70 days prior to the Conference. The registration procedure will be made through a local agency, who will forward the registration request onto the Italian Health Ministry.

Please take this into consideration when starting your application process.

​NOTE: Kenes International is not involved in the registration procedure. It is the pharmaceutical companies' sole responsibility to adhere to the above regulations directly via a local agent.

Further details are available from AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) 

Phone: +39 06 5978401

Website instructions: 

Go to quick links menu. Click on Authorization for Congresses & Meetings 

Designated local agent: 

T World wide Tours & Meetings
TWT srl
Gianni Frontani
Via Cagliari 13
00198 Roma
​Phone: +39 06 44249321 ​

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