Preliminary Speakers and Topics

​​​​​as of december 9, 2015 (subject to change)

Stephanie Amiel, UKTowards personalized medicine: The impact of black ethnicity on metabolic dysregulation in early type 2 diabetes

Steven Bain, UK 

​The Glargine Product​s​

​Katharine Barnard, USA​Data from qualitative phase

Tadej Battelino, Slovenia

  • Insulin Only Systems is the Way To Go
  • Contin​​​uous Glucose Monitoring​ 
Richard Bergenstal, USA
  • We need standard definitions and standard glycemic reports
  • Breaking down barriers to CGM use: A study of what patients and clinicians want in a CGM summary report
Bruce Bode, USA
  • Use of inhaled regular human insulin in type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Computerized management of glucose in the hospital using POC BG testing: Efficacy, health outcome and total cost
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Jan Bolinder, Sweden

New Insulins and Insulin Therapy 

Riccardo Bonfanti, Italy

Nightscout experience in Italian children with type 1 diabetes 

Matteo Bonomo, Italy
  • Non-conventional use of CGM 
  • The Use of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring for the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy ​

Emanuele Bosi, Italy

Freestyle Libre in Italian patients with type 1 diabetes 

Natasa Bratina, Slovenia
  • Parental burden, anxiety and subjective well-being in type 1 diabetes 
  • Immune Intervention for Type 1 Diabetes

​Marc Breton, USA

Auxiliary signals for the control of physical activity

Daniela Bruttomesso, Italy

Epidemiology of insulin pump therapy in Italy: the IMITAs studies 

Bruce Buckingham, USA
  • Diabetes Technology and the Human Factor​
  • Pilot Study of Bionic Pancreas Using Insulin Without Glucagon
Antonio Ceriello, Italy

Glucose variability: a new challenge in diabetes management

Valentino Cherubini, ItalyCGM in children and adolescents using multiple daily injections: quality of life and metabolic control
Thomas Danne, Germany
  • Ultra-fast acting insulin

  • New Insulins and Insulin Therapy​ 
Eyal Dassau, USA
  • Transition of Artificial Pancreas Risk Management from Clinical Studies to a Commercial Device
  • Closing the Loop: (1)Engineering (2) Clinical
​J. Hans DeVries, the Netherlands​Evidence Base for CGM
Simone Del Favero, Italy ​​A multicenter randomized cross-over Italian pediatric summer camp: AP vs SAP in 5-9 year old children​

Francis Doyle, III, USA


Feedback control tradeoffs with faster insulin routes
Inge Evers, the Netherlands​Effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring during diabetic pregnancy(GlucoMOMS trial); A randomised controlled trial

Sylvia Franc, France


ADVISORS:  gadgets or real help in diabetes care?
Satish Garg, USA
  • Adjunctive  therapy with insulin in type 1 diabetes
  • Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose
  • New Medications for the Treatment of Diabetes​

Michal Gillon-Keren, Israel


What Apps Can Do to Support Carbs Counting?
Francesco Giorgino, Italy

Telemedicine and diabetes outcomes 

Claudia Graham, USA          

​Will Medicare Deliver? 

​Giorgio Grassi, Italy

Non-conventional use of CGM 

​Bruno Guerci, France 

​Hope for France? ​

​Peter Hammond, UK 

​A NICE Reassessment​​

​Lutz Heinemann, Germany 

​New Insulins and Insulin Therapy​​
Norbert Hermanns, Germany ​A breakthrough in Germany?
Irl Hirsch, USA
  • FLAT-SUGAR (glycemic variability) 
  • Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose​​
​Moshe Hod , Israel​Technology and Pregnancy
Philip Home, UK​What Should the Prescriber Know About Biosimilars?​
Roman Hovorka, UK

Longer term closed loop use during free living home settings 

​Neal Kaufman, USA
  • Online Peer-to-Peer Diabetes Self-management Support: An Important Addition to Traditional Diabetes Education
  • Using Health Information Technology to Prevent and Treat Diabetes
Primoz  Kotnik, SloveniaThe efficacy of endoscopic duodenal-jejunal bypass liner in severely obese adolescents
Boris Kovatchev, USA

JDRF multi-center 6-month trial of 24/7 closed-loop control 

Aaron Kowalski, USA
  • Where is the field right now?
  • It is time to move to Time in Range as measure of glycemic control
James Krinsley, USA

Time in Targeted BG Range - The Unifying Domain of Glycemic Control

Martin Kuhlmann, Germany​Biosimilars in Pumps and Pens, Do the Devices Matter?
Lori Laffel, USA

Psychosocial outcomes of CGM use in children and teens with type 1 diabetes

Annunziata Lapolla, Italy​Blood Glucose Variability in Diabetic Pregnancy 
Fernando Lavalle Gonzalez, Mexico  ​​​The Mexico Experience with Biosimilar Glargine
Alon Liberman, IsraelDiabetes Technology and the Human Factor
Howard Look, USATidepool: An open source, extensible platform for diabetes management and research
David Maahs, USA
  • Weak points in closed-loop technology: fault detection and mitigation
  • Diabetes Technology and Therapy in the Pediatric Age Group​
Frederico Mecacci, ​Italy​Long-Acting Insulin for the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy​
Kellee Miller,USA​Data from healthcare professional survey
Helen M​urphy, UK

Who needs an artificial pancreas in pregnancy?

Angela Napoli, Italy​CSII in Type 1 Diabetic Pregnant Women
Revital Nimri, Israel
  • Closing the Loop: (1)Engineering (2) Clinical
Steve Patek, USA​Beyond the artificial pancreas: Translating closed-loop technology into advisory systems and cloud analytics
Moshe Phillip, Israel

Why do we need ADVISORS? 

John Pickup, UK
  • Reading and Misreading the Evidence-Base for Diabetes Technology​
  • ​Insulin Pumps
Basilio Pintaudi, Italy​​Electronic devices for clinical data
Konstantinos Spaniolas, USA

The quantification of obesity with three dimensional while light scanners​

Paolo Pozzilli, ItalyCSII and other technologies for preventing beta cell failure in type 2 diabetes
Ivana Rabbone, ItalyPump failure and malfunctions in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes in  insulin pump therapy: an Italian prospective study
Camillo Ricordi, USATissue Engineering and cellular replacement strategies for treatment of diabetes
Michael Riddell, Canada
  • Exercise and the Artificial Pancreas: is it the most difficult "hurdle"?
  • Advances in Exercise Physical Activity and Diabetes Mellitus
David Rodbard, USA

Composite measures of glycemic control 

Francesco Rubino, UK

The Gut as the "Sweet Spot" for the Treatment of Diabetes​

Steven Russell, USA

Dual hormone is the way to go

​Joseph Saldanha, USA​ Insulin Access in the Developing World
Andrea Scaramuzza, Italy
  • Exercise and insulin pump in children
  • Use of PLGS in Italian children with type 1 diabetes: the CampUs study
Desmond Schatz, USA
  • Developing disease modifying therapies in children with type 1 diabetes
  • Immune Intervention for Type 1 Diabetes
Laura Sciacca, Italy​The Use of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring in GDM
Eleanor Scott , UK

Impact of sleep on maternal glucose control in pregnancy

Eran Segal, Israel

Controlling glucose levels by personalized nutrition tailored to the microbiome


Jane Seley, USA
  • Preventing Readmissions in High Risk Diabetes Patients:
  • Planning & Implementing a Transitional Care Program

Shlomit Shalitin, Israel


Diabetes Technology and Therapy in the Pediatric Age Group
Mark Sperling, USA​Is type 1 Diabetes Mellitus an Autoimmune Disease?
Inge Tetens, Denmark​​Status of Nutrition and Health Claims in Europe - Focus on Blood Glucose and Associated Parameters
Elisabetta Torlone, Italy​MDI vs CSII in Pregnancy with Type1 Diabetes ​

​R​obert Vigersky, USA


Escaping the A1c-Centric Role of Assessing Glycemic Control in Diabetes
Ester Vitacolonna, Italy​Games for Health
Howard Wolpert, USA

Dietary fat increases insulin requirements: Implications for meal-time insulin dosing and nutrition education

Claudia Ziegler, Germany

The psychological impact of using an AP system

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